September 19, 2009

Quick Regression - Smells Cause Symptoms?

Now this is really interesting.  I took our 2 year old to the Farmer's Market with me because he just loves to go places.  We had removed the egg yolks two days ago and last night he was making better eye contact and was making some conversation as opposed to just repeating what he heard.  He was cooperative this morning and held my hand and stayed with me as I talked to the vendors and purchased the meat.  He was a pretty normal looking and happy little boy.

Then, we went into Erma's and shopped around for a while.  He started to pull away from me and pick things up and he stopped listening.  Just like anyone else, I thought that this is normal for a 2 year old, and it is.  However, when I stopped outside the store to purchase some lamb and pork from another vendor, I noticed he was more into everything.  He was clinging on my leg and pulling on my arm and investigating things under the table.  He was getting loud.  He didn't want me to pick him up until I asked if I could hold him like a baby.  That is when I noticed that he would not look at me.  His eyes were off again.  I tried several times to get him to look at me, but he looked everywhere but at my face.

When it was time to go, he tried to drag me away.  He kept pulling on my arm as I tried to manuever the stroller which was now weighed down with meats and veggies.  He would not listen and he became more interested in the rocks on the ground.  We got to the truck and he got distracted by everything as he was getting into his car seat.  It took a long time to get him in and buckled into his carseat.  He was speaking loudly and repeating the last words of whatever I said or he repeated his own thought over and over and over.

On the way home, he kept telling me, "That way!" all the way home.

It is interesting to note that he went to my parent's house last week for a while in the afternoon, before he started regressing again, and he came back a wild child.  He was pulling on his baby brother's hands and feet like he was trying to pull him out of my arms.  When I handed the baby to my mom, he wanted up.  We went and sat on the couch a bit and he was rolling all over me and falling all over me and he was talking really loud.  My mother said he was very loud in the car on the way home.  I told her this was not the same child I sent over to her house earlier in the afternoon.

Two days ago, my mother took him with her to the art store for art class.  (The girls are taking art.)  He loved it there and he did fine, but afterward he was talking very loudly and he had issues at dinner and he threw a huge screaming fit at bedtime.

It seems as if the chemicals and smells in other places are affecting him.  I will continue to keep an eye open and pay attention to this.

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