September 23, 2009

Day 19 - Stage 2 of Intro - Casserole Day

Today was a good day!

Chicken and veggies for breakfast, squash soup and egg whites for a snack, casseroles for lunch, soups for snacks and more casserole for dinner!  We implemented the plan to eat certain foods during certain times of the day.  The kids followed the schedule and did their chores and schoolwork accordingly.  Everything went very smoothly today.  Praise the Lord!  I pray we have more days like today!

We visted a neighbor.  We had some company.  We had a mini movie night as I was informed that today is the 60th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz movie.  We didn't have that one available, so we watched the Veggie Tales version of The Wizard of Ha's.  We will watch the original movie for our Movie Night on Friday.

We think we may have discovered a cause of our 5 year old's leg pain.  I made her eat broccoli and cauliflower today and she had a stomach ache before lunch was over.  A few hours later, her leg hurt her, then her arm, then her other leg hurt, too.  She cried so much!  It took us a while to remember to give her a detox bath.  We put ACV in the bath and after 30 minutes, her pain was completely gone!  Amazing!  We will try to remember this sooner the next time.

Our 2 year old had a great day and seemed much improved since we have taken away all of the sulphur foods.  We will introduce them more slowly in the future.  The CT scan results are in: Normal!  WooHoo!  I figured, as I believe what is happening to him is because of toxicity.  He went to bed without a fuss.  Just like old times!


filtered water with lemon

kraut juice (a very little bit)


carrots and squash

green beans

chicken broth

egg whites (2 each)

squash soup (some of us)

casseroles (recipes on previous post)

I am going to have some fried eggs for a snack.  YUM!

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