September 30, 2009

Day 26 - Stage 2 of Intro - Die-off!

It was a great day, again!  It was nice because our little 2 year old was his happy old self and he was very easygoing and conversational.  He made great eye contact and initiated a lot of interaction.  Gotta love it!

Everyone else seemed to be doing very well, too.  We have all the meats and veggies cooked to get us through tomorrow, so we will not have to stay up late tonight picking chicken off of the bones or straining broth through cheesecloth and bottling it into mason jars.  We had company today, Mommy's Playdate, who came with her little 2 year old.  We had a lovely visit and the kids played well!

We increased the amount of probiotic everyone is taking and it seemed to be going well.  Then we had some ghee with our casserole for dinner.  All seemed well.  Then, all of a sudden I felt very tired and weak.  Our 11 year old teared up when he thought he wasn't going to get to have 3rds and 4ths for dinner (I didn't cook the veggies soft enough in the second casserole).  I figured out that he could eat as much as he wanted of the second casserole so long as he put all of the undercooked veggies in a pot so I can put them in a soup for tomorrow.  No problem.  He got enough to eat.  Our 8 year old looked sad and began to cry this evening when we finally had a little one on one time to sit down and talk.  It turns out that she is lonely and really needs a friend that she can talk to and play with on a regular basis.  I will see if I can work this out for her.  It's true.  An 8 year old girl needs a best friend to share her struggles and her dreams with.

I thought, "Whoa!  What's going on here?"  Then I remembered that we all had 1 tsp more sauerkraut juice than yesterday.  Amazing that one little spoonful of a living food can make such an extreme difference.  I can hardly hold my head up.  I am so tired.  I feel a bit achy and nauseous.

We all had Epsom Salt baths tonight.  Maybe it helped, maybe not.  No dramatic changes to see.  I'm still tired, but then again I have had little sleep between all of the cooking and the baby's irregular sleep patterns.  I keep reminding myself that this, too, will pass.  It is a season in our lives.  We will get through it.  One day I will sleep again.

We only have one child out of 5 who does not wear a diaper or a pullup at night.  (Not that we haven't tried everything!)  Since we started GAPS, everyone is peeing a lot, especially at night.  Diapers are full in the morning and are often overflowing.  We have had a lot of extra laundry to do as of late.  Even the one NOT in a pullup has had an accident here and there.  I guess this is a good thing that everyone is peeing so much, but wow!!! you really just would not believe it! 

QUOTES FOR THE DAY:  "Mmm.  I just LOVE sugarsnap peas!  I only want sugarsnap peas for my veggies today for breakfast."  (5 year old who absolutely hated sugarsnap peas just a few short months ago)


Fiji water with lemon

chicken broth

sauerkraut juice


sugarsnap peas

carrots and squash

chicken soup all afternoon

blended squash and carrots with broth and chicken pate for the 2 year old

green beans

egg whites

Casserole with some ghee drizzled on top
First day of ghee for the 2 year old.

I plan to have some fried eggs a little later.

Back to work.  I have to get everything ready for tomorrow.

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