September 10, 2009

Day 5 - stage 1 and 2 of intro

Today was quite a day.  As far as the diet goes, the older two kids did not feel great when they woke up.  Getting food into them and several detox baths with epsom salt seemed to make all the difference.  Our 5 year old is still throwing tantrums about having to eat veggies.  This was always the case, even before we started GAPS.

We think that the ginger tea may be the reason for the yuck feelings more so than die-off so it may not be a good idea for us at this time, maybe later.

Our two year old is doing great.  See my next entry to read the story about his visit to see the pediatric neurologist.


filtered water with lemon

plain old boiled chicken meat with a little celtic sea salt - the kids love this

leftover hamburger soup

leftover broth, carrot and cauliflower puree with peas, carrots and meat

beef roast  - grass fed

Vegetable soup - veggies, chicken broth and sea salt

leftover carrots and zucchini (cold)

blended soup with egg yolk (chicken broth and acorn squash)
The 11 year old, the 2 year old and I LOVE this!!!

I had sauerkraut juice.  I am still waiting for things to ease off for the kids
before adding this in, as probiotics will cause more die-off.

I had 2 softboiled eggs (not quite) for a late night snack.
I still need some practice making soft boiled eggs.

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