September 8, 2009

Day 4 - Stage 1 and 2 of intro

Today was better than the past few days in terms of yuck feelings.  I was a little grumpy here and there because I am VERY short on sleep right now, but everyone else is feeling much better today.

It was my goal to get everyone to bed on time tonight and I am happy to say that they are all in bed, except for the baby.  For some reason, he did not go to sleep.  I will try again to put him down after I finish documenting our day.

Getting everyone up was a challange, but I was determined to get them all up so they would all be able to sleep at bedtime tonight.  They did get up and drank their lemon water and did their chores.  Everyone ate chicken for breakfast, cooked by my dear husband last night, along with chicken broth and leftover veggies.

Schoolwork was accomplished in record time without any prompting from me.  WooHoo!  Cheerful attitudes, too.  The little ones helped in the kitchen and played.  It was a good morning.

The children still feel tired and the 11 year old and the 5 year old feel weak and achy.  Incidentally, they are the ones who refuse to eat a lot of veggies.  The rest of us are feeling well.  We have decided that they are having worse die off symptoms because they are not eating enough veggies.  Not sure if I am right about this, but they did eat more veggies this afternoon and evening and they do seem to have more energy and look like they are feeling better.  Hmm.

Everyone is pitching in around the house with the laundry and the food prep.  I think it is wonderful for all of us to be doing these things together.  Our 2 year old helps to fill cups with water, puts veggies into the pot, starts the dishwasher, and helps to put dishes away.  Our 5 year old helps in the kitchen with the food prep and helps to entertain her two little brothers.  Our 11 year old starts several loads of laundry a day and sometimes helps to fold and put the laundry away.  He also helps with food prep, when needed, and helps with the dishes, too.  He is great with his two baby brothers.  Our 8 year old helps load and unload the dishwasher.  She helps fold and put away laundry.  She plays with all of her brothers and her sister when they need someone to play with.  Today, she washed the chicken, removed the stuff on the inside, put it in the crockpot, and added water and salt.  The chicken is for breakfast tomorrow and she thinks it will be the best breakfast ever because she made it.  She was so funny with the chicken.  She was making it dance in the sink and put it in the pot on its head.  Then she gave it a back rub.  Too funny!


filtered water with lemon

chicken, leftover carrots and zucchini, chicken broth


blended cauliflower, carrots, and chicken broth as a thick soup/sauce with peas, carrots, and bits of roast added (we mixed runny egg yolk into some of the soup)

more roast, sugarsnap peas, more carrots and zucchini

I boiled baked squash in chicken broth and blended it.  Served it as soup with a little salt.  YUM!

Our oldest is still on stage one, but we have moved every one else to stage two by adding egg yolks.  So far, so good.  We also decided that they could have just a little water WITH meals.  Most water should be consumed between meals so that it does not dilute digestive juices and slow down digestion.

No baths today! ran out of time.  The older two children and I had a little ginger tea.  The 11 year old only had a sip.  He takes a long time to get used to new things.  I continue to have the sauerkraut juice.  Haven't introduced it to the kids yet.  Still waiting for things to settle out a bit for a few days.

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