September 7, 2009

Day 3 - Stages 1 and 2 of intro

I moved on to stage two of intro because I am nursing and I want to go through intro as quickly as possible for myself and for the baby.  I actually had my first bowl of soup with one raw free range egg yolk in it and I didn't gag.  A fried egg with a runny yolk is a fried egg with a raw yolk and I love those, so I figured it was basically the same thing.  It made the soup YUMMY!

The kids are still experiencing die off symptoms so we will wait to move them on.  We will see how they are all doing tomorrow.  I will have to sneak the egg in without them knowing it or they may gag on their food.  I will tell them later.

Today has not been a great day, but it has not been a bad day either.  All three of the older kids went to play with friends for a few hours this afternoon and had a great time.  They took some boiled veggies and some filtered water so they would not starve while they were away.  It was a success for the kids!  It was a disaster for me because I didn't think it through before I planned it and I ended up driving for an hour with a screaming baby in the backseat just dropping kids off at different houses.  It was such a miserable experience for me and for the baby that I swallowed my pride and called my friends and asked if THEY could bring my kids home.  God has blessed me with some pretty wonderful friends.

My husband and I took the younger ones and went shopping for a freezer.  It's coming on the 15th.  WooHoo!  I am excited because I can buy a side of beef (grass fed, no antibiotics, no hormones) for $3.50 a pound from a local farmer.  I can't buy ground beef from the grocery store for that price.  That sounds too good to be true.  Maybe I will have to pay extra for the processing/cutting of the meat.  I will check on that.  Now I am on the hunt for local free range roasting chickens and eggs.  Then raw milk for butter and yogurt.

It was a rough evening with lots of whining and crying and tired and achy kids.  Our 5 year old is having really bad leg cramps.  It is very common for her so it may or may not be GAPS related.  We gave her some NaturalCalm magnesium citrate with a little honey, but she was still crying at bedtime.  Our 11 year old felt sick this evening, but is still holding it all together.  Our two year old was tired by dinnertime and cried through most of it, but went to bed fine.  The baby was so overtired from the long day that he had a real hard time falling asleep.  I am holding him now.  Happily, our 8 year old had a great day!


filtered water with lemon

leftovers - chicken, chicken broth, carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, green beans, zucchini

2 year old ate acorn squash pureed with broth and fat

stew meat, carrots and celery cooked in beef broth

I intend to have another bowl of hamburger soup with one egg yolk for a midnight snack
I have to keep up my milk supply and my weight by eating often.
I am also still taking the suaerkraut juice and will start giving it to the kids as soon as their die off symptoms ease off.

So that, my friends, was day 3!

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