September 19, 2009

Day 13 (15) - Stage 2 of Intro

I can't say how it happened, but I think we are really on Day 15.  I must have blanked out a couple of days.  Oh, well, we will just go with it.

My dear sweet husband took care of all of the kids this morning and let me sleep in a bit.  I was sooooo thankful because I had had a headache for two days and was sick to my stomach and ached all over.  It helped!  I thank the Lord for the man He gave me.  He is a rock and he holds us all together when we are all falling apart.  I don't know how he does it, all I know is that I am glad he can.

The day was all broken up.  I took the 2 year old to the Farmer's Market with me.  The girls went with their Grandma, my mom.  The oldest and the youngest stayed home with Daddy and did boy stuff!

We had plenty of food!  No one starved!  All is well.  Oh, and we learned that spending time in  a health food store can cause regression.  I really think he reacted to the smells in the store, but that is all in a previous post.


filtered water with lemon

hamburger soup

chicken broth

acorn squash blended with broth and chicken pate (don't ask)

lots of leftover veggies - asparagus, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas



peppermint tea - all but our 8 year old

Kraut Juice - only me

I plan to go have some egg whites in a bit!
Just a little midnight snack to keep me going.  *big smile*

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