September 5, 2009

Potty Training, Again!

Our 2 year old is potty training, again!  He had started to potty train right after his 2nd birthday with great success!  He put the first 5 BMs in the potty and was getting most of the pee in the potty right from the start.  He initiated it!  He was ready!  So, even with a newborn baby to care for we jumped right in and just started.

Then, he stopped being successful and we were suddenly swishing lots of dirty underwear in the potty, so after a while, we just put him back into diapers.  We didn't make the connection right away that this started after the vaccination and after his night waking started.

Now that he has been Full GAPS for two weeks and he is feeling so much better, he has been wanting to use his potty again and wear his underwear again.  He LOVES to sit on the potty and look at books.  Today he talked about, yes, talked about all of the pictures in the book, naming animals and shapes and describing their sizes and colors.  He is such a smart boy!

Praise God!  because for three months he could not or would not look at a book or talk like that.  He was just too sick to do it!

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