September 12, 2009

Day 7 - Stage 2 of intro

Well, today went well.  Everyone got up and ate right away and felt fine.  They did their chores and scattered to play.

I took two of the kids to the farmer's market with me today at Erma's off of NASA Road 1.  Law Ranch Cattle Company sells grass fed beef.  We are going to buy a side of beef for $3.50/lb.  No joke!  That is an amazing price.  They are Christians, too.  If anyone in the Houston area wants to check them out, their website is and they are at Erma's every Saturday.

We all went in different directions today.  No one starved.  Food was good!

Oh, I am cooking oxtail tonight.  It has a very strong smell and our 5 year old doesn't want to breath.  It is supposed to be very yummy and it smells good but I am totally grossed out.  It just looks so gross.  I am going to get over it.  I am going to eat it because I know it will be yummy.  I don't know.  We will see.

No tantrums today over food.  Yeah!

Everyone but our oldest has had soft boiled eggs as of today, but he will get one tomorrow.  We never ate soft boiled eggs before GAPS so we never knew how good they are.  We are in heaven.


filtered water

chicken and chicken broth

squash and carrots

soft boiled eggs

leftover pork

leftover hamburger soup

squash soup with egg yolk

more chicken and chicken broth


brussell sprouts

I am such the gourmet cook, don't you think?

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