September 26, 2009

Day 22 - Stage 2 of Intro

I'm  sleepy.  I need MORE sleep.  Really!  More sleep would do wonders.

The baby cut his first tooth today!  Hooray!

We continue to do a lot of cooking.  The kids are not as ravenous as they were and things seem to have settled out a bit.  We did not try the avocado today.  I guess tomorrow will be good.  Then, ghee on Monday.  That is like adding 2 things at once, but I am so ready to add dairy.

I am holding steady between 110 and 115 pounds.  This is normal weight for me for the past 12 years, so I feel good about this, but I prefer to weigh around 120 pounds.  I am hoping that if I can add dairy soon, that I may be able to put on this extra little cushion of weight.  However, I realize that I need to be patient, because if I don't tolerate it, then it will not be beneficial to add it in.  I won't be able to get what I need from the dairy if it causes inflamation and slows healing in my gut.  Sigh!  I hope I am ready for dairy.  I hope our little baby is ready.  He used to get all congested before I took the dairy out of my diet.  If he gets congested, then he will not sleep as well and I will get even less sleep.  Heavenly Father, please let us be ready for dairy!

Our 5 year old has had a few gas pains these past few days after meals.  I suspect it was because I was not peeling the squash.  I hope and pray that it gets better in a day or so.

Our little 2 year old is atill very rigid about routines these days.  His eye contact is minimal, but there is some if you are not too close to his face.  He let me cut his fingernails and toenails today!  That is huge!  They were getting so long because he would cry that it hurt and he would not let me cut them.  I tried!  Today, no problem.  He said, "Ow" with every snip, but he let me cut them.

I know we are not doing this intro quite perfectly.  We are not consuming enough of the soft tissues and bone marrow that is supposed to be so very healing, too far out there for the time being, but we are seeing a good measure of healing as it is.  We could have just done full GAPS, but I suspect that even an imperfect intro diet can help speed up the introduction of foods we have not been able to tolerate.  We are so looking forward to adding foods back in to our diet.  Apples is one we are particularly excited about.  Nuts are another food we hope to add in soon.  Lots to look forward to.


filtered water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth (all day)


green  beans

egg whites

leftover casserole

blended veggies (squash, carrots, broth, chicken pate)

hamburger soup - ground beef, broth, carrots, peas, sea salt

french artichokes

I am going to have some egg whites fried in beef fat.

Tomorrow - avocado

Monday - ghee

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