September 5, 2009

What DO We Eat? REAL Food!

What do we eat? REAL food. Tomorrow we will start the intro diet, because we have so many food intolerances and the intro diet is supposed to help the gut heal faster so that we can tolerate more food. The intro diet starts out with only broth and boiled meats and veggies for 1-7 days and I hope to do this for only 1-3 days. Then, we will start adding other foods in very slowly to find out what can and can’t be tolerated until we are following the full GAPS diet. No one has to do the intro diet. It is recommended for people like me with lots of allergies/sensitivities.
Full GAPS is lots of meat broths, meat, veggies, fruit, homemade fermented veggies (for the good bugs – probiotics), homemade yogurt and kefir (also for the good bugs), nuts and nut flour to make pancakes and baked goods and treats, lots of good fats and oils like coconut and olive oil, supplements like cod liver oil, and…I am still learning. It seems rather complicated and difficult at first because there is so much to learn, but it is becoming a fun adventure for me and after two weeks I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it. I have the basics and I will learn a few new things every week or two. The important thing is lots of broths and lots of probiotics!

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