September 14, 2009

Day 8 - Stage 2 of intro

Today went very well, I am glad to say.  From all that I had read on the GAPShelp forum, the first week can be pretty difficult because of the die-off that happens when you stop eating the food that feeds the bad bacteria and yeast in your gut.  We got through the first week and everyone is doing much better.

Also, like many others on the forum, our picky eaters are coming around and they are beginning to actually like the food we are eating.  Our 11 year old, 8 year old, and 5 year old really hated the squash soup at first.  I have been giving them one small bowl a day because it is a high carb veggie and I wanted to make sure they have the energy they need.

The 11 year old says he really likes the squash soup now.  Our 8 year old says it is growing on her.  Our 5 year old, who has many food aversions and who holds food in her mouth indefinitely, took an hour to eat her little bowl of soup.  She didn't complain about one bite and she showed me her progress all along the way with a smile.  She seemed to be proud that she was accomplishing it.  She took such tiny bites and held each bite in her mouth for a long time.  This is much improved from the screaming fits we had all last week.  I think she likes the taste OK, but has trouble with the texture.  I am proud of her that she overcame it and ate it with such a cheerful attitude.

My husband and I have not been getting up in the night with crying children since we started this intro diet.  Praise the Lord for small miracles.  A little more sleep helps everyone, especially Daddy.  I am still up in the night with the baby, but I am hopeful that he will start sleeping longer once he cuts those two bottom teeth.  They are almost through.

All of the children are having normal BMs, at least once a day!  This is huge!  I haven't heard any complaints about tummy aches in the past few days.  That is a miracle.  Tummy aches were chronic in this house.

So everyone is having at least one egg yolk in their bowl of soup and everyone is now having at least one soft boiled egg a day.  They love eggs and are all very excited about this.  They want to gorge on eggs, but they are learning about moderation.

Oh, that's another thing!  Our 5 year old must eat her squash soup, then she can have veggies, then a proportional amount of meat, then more veggies, then more meat.  We told the older ones to eat more veggies than meat or at least equal.  They are getting it!  This will save on the cost of meat and we can be sure they are getting their carbs.

They all ate TONS of food tonight with LOTS of veggies!!!  This is a first EVER!!!  We polished off a two pound bag of green beans, one bunch of brocolli, some squash and carrots and a one pound bag of peas and carrots.  And of course, they had their little bowl of squash soup.  In the past, I would cook rice, a meat and a one pound bag of veggies.  The rice and the meat would be gone and half of the veggies would go in the refrigerator for the next day.  Today, in one meal, they polished off more than 4 pounds of veggies.  WooHoo!  Thank you, Lord Jesus!


filtered lemon water

leftover chicken

squash and carrots cooked in broth  (cold)

soft boiled eggs

squash soup with egg yolk

leftover hamburger soup (brisket broth, hamburger, green beans, sea salt)

chicken broth (lots)
The kids are drinking more and more.
I actually like it now.  I didn't really care for it at first.

roast for dinner

green beans


peas and carrots

more squash and carrots

The two year old and I had some sauerkraut juice.
I think we will start the others on the juice tomorrow.

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