September 29, 2009

Day 25 - Stage 2 of Intro - Great Day!

Today was a GREAT day!

The best thing about today is that our 2 year old was most like his old self today, before he regressed.  He was in a good mood all day.  He did not tantrum at the table over food and having to have everything 'just so', at least not much.  He was very conversational and made great eye contact.  I felt like I was in heaven all day.  He listened and obeyed.  He answered questions.  He initiated conversation and he initiated play.  He was cooperative!

Our 11 year old and our 5 year old who have had a couple of rough days of die-off, since we upped the probiotic, had a wonderful day today, too.  They woke up cheerful and had good attitudes throughout the day.  They were considerate and helpful and played well with others.  Delightful!

Our 8 year old was in a great mood, too!  She did a lot around the house, of her own initiative, to clean up.  What a blessing!  She has also been telling me how she goes off to pray whenever things get stressful or frustrating for her and how that helps her a lot to calm down and get back in the game.  I love to hear these kinds of things.  It's true, that she has a glow about her these days.

We did a lot of cooking today.  Go figure.  Everybody helped!  I LOVE that part.  I love that we are all working together and it is fun!  Our family is laughing and playing together like we have never been able to do before!  Since we were going to have ghee with our dinner tonight and my girls wanted to race to get the veggies prepared, I proposed a contest.  They each had a 5 pound bag of carrots to peel.  The 2 year old and I had a 5 pound bag of green beans to snap.  If they could get their carrots peeled before I got all of the green beans snapped, then they could have more ghee than me.  They won!  Then they helped me to snap the rest of the beans.  Children really are a blessing from the Lord!

My 11 year old has been getting his schoolwork done, washing folding and putting the laundry away (ALL on his own), helping out with the baby, helping out with the cooking, helping serve in the kitchen, helping where needed (without complaining) and he has still found the time to play Legos, talk to a friend on the phone, play outside, read books for fun, and watch a favorite PBS show.  None of this was possible a year ago.  Even on days where he isn't feeling his best, since we started GAPS, he has kept up with his responsibilities.  Amazing!  I am so proud of him!

All are fed.  All are bathed.  All are in bed.


Fiji water with lemon


chicken broth


squash and carrots

green beans

chicken soup

blended veggies and fats for the 2 year old
He ate more green beans today!

pork ribs

peas (the organic peas are the best ever!)

artichokes with ghee to dip the leaves in - YUM!!!

I did not get my eggs last night, but I WILL get my eggs tonight!

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