September 10, 2009

Day 6 - stage 2 of the intro diet

Everyone is officially in stage two.  WooHoo!  It was a rough day.  Apparently we are still going through die-off.  I probably should have waited to introduce eggs, but I am anxious to move on and have a little more variety in our diet.

I am actually very satisfied by the foods.  I love them all (well, most), and I just eat all day because I am nursing all day.  I am not feeling hungry, I just know that I should eat and it tastes SO good!

The kids all have their favorite foods, and they all have at least one food that they really hate.  We are working through this and they have to eat a little of every food offered before they can have lots of what they love to eat.

Our five year old spent three hours eating a bowl of butternut squash soup.  When she finally got hungry enough, she ate it up rather quickly at the end of the third hour.  Then she totally gobbled up the last of the chicken that we saved for her and she ate tons of cold squash and carrots that we cooked in broth the night before.  She fought us on the squash and carrots a few days ago and now she loves them as her favorite snack.  By the time she was done eating lunch, it was dinner time.  She ate lots of spinach and tons of pork roast and even drank broth.  Almost every meal is a battle with her, but you can see that she is making some real improvements.  There IS hope yet.

Our 8 year old was the sickest today.  We thought that she was going to make it through stage 1 without getting very sick, but today she woke up feeling weak and just awful.  We put her in the tub and gave her some lemon water, which looking back I would not do again.  The lemon water made her stomach upset and she lost it.  She was afraid to eat or drink for a while, but after a talk about what is going on inside and why these yuck feelings are happening, she chose to trust me and she ate a little chicken and a little more and a little more.  Pretty soon she was feeling much better and was eating better.

All of the kids are beginning to understand the importance of eating a balance of foods, even if all of the foods are healthy and whole foods.  Too much meat without fats and vegetables is NOT a good thing.  They need the carbohydrates from the vegetables, so they need to eat lots of them.  The meat provides protein.  The gelatin and the fats are the healing agent, so they need lots and lots of good fats.  Getting them to eat the fats and drink the broths are the hardest part right now.  They are coming around, FINALLY.  We are adding egg yolks to our soups now.  Yolks provide a lot of good nutrition with little digestion.  Soon we will add soft boiled eggs.  Prior to GAPS, they ate LOTS of white rice, LOTS of Ezekiel bread, LOTS of meat, and a little bit of veggies.

They did eat lots of fruit, too.  We are working towards a diet that is made up of LOTS of veggies, LOTS of fermented foods for the probiotics, LOTS of good fats, SOME meat, a small amount of nuts and a small amount of fruits.


filtered water with lemon

boiled chicken

carrots and squash cooked in chicken broth

leftover chicken and vegetable soup (just me)

butternut squash soup with egg yolk  (squash, broth and salt)

pork roast

spinach (cooked with the pork)

green beens

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