September 16, 2009

Day 10 - Stage 2 of Intro

Wow!  We made it through another day!  Busy, busy, busy!

The day started with our 2 year old waking up very distressed.  We had to go through all of the routine morning activities 'in order'.  "Light on!"  "Fan off!"  "Open (blind)!"  "Get dressed!"  "New diaper!"  "Pajama off!"  "Shorts on!"  "Shirt on!"  "Drink water!"  You get the idea.  Yesterday and today he has regressed a bit and he has become VERY rigid and specific about the way things have to be.  We are having a hard time understanding him and he is throwing tantrums over little stuff that just didn't bother him a few days ago.  Also, he grabbed at his eye again this morning and put my hand on it to get me to comfort him.  The poor child did not feel well today.  I think it was from the sauerkraut juice.  We are going to pull it for a few days, up his intake of broth and fats, and reintroduce the sauerkraut juice that he tolerated before we started the intro.

All of the older kids felt well today and ate well.  They really seem to get it about balancing their foods.  They are all taking proportionate quantities of broths, veggies and meats.  They like the taste of the food now.  This is particularly phenominal concerning our 5 year old.  She took several hours to eat each meal, but she was cheerful, proud of herself, and threw NO tantrums.  She ate broth, veggies, meat, broth, veggies, meat, etc. and then went off to play.  She actually tells me that she likes the food now!!!

Our 2 year old was having some regression, so meals were a bit stressful for him.  He cried a lot.  He demanded food and would not say please.  He wanted food in his bowl, but screamed when I picked it up to get him more.  I think that I was supposed to leave the bowl where it was and bring the meat to the bowl.  If I gave him two pieces of meat, he would cry for more and wouldn't touch them.  Everything had to be just so, but you never knew what just so looked like until you messed it up.  Very difficult.  We had to go back to bite for bite feeding to make sure he ate more than just meat.  After one bite of veggies, we gave him one bite of meat.

We noticed that he has been a mess these past two days, getting food all over him from head to toe.  We were just commenting a few days ago about what a neat eater he was.  He had been feeding himself and was staying very clean.  We were so pleased.  He has definitely gone back a few steps.  Also, he threw several major tantrums getting ready for bed and going to bed.  Whew!

Our 5 year old complained of leg cramps this evening.  This has been a problem for her since she was a baby.  We gave her Natural Calm (magnesium citrate) and an epsom salt bath.  It really helped and she looked and acted fine until bedtime when she threw a fit about her legs hurting again, but she did go to sleep.

Our new freezer arrived today.  Now we have a place to store meat and broth and veggies, etc. so we will not have to make quite so many trips to the store to feed 7 people.  WooHoo!


filtered water with lemon


softboiled eggs - 2 each

orange roughy (boiled last night)
only our 5 year old wouldn't try it. The rest couldn't get enough.

lamb broth


squash and carrots cooked in broth and served cold

leftover cauliflower, asparagus (blended together with broth and fat for the 2 year old - surprisingly good - once I could get him to take a bite, he liked it)

chicken broth

squash soup with egg yolk

green beans

peas and carrots

pork roast with spinach and sea salt

I had sauerkraut juice.  The girls and I all had 'magnesium tea'.

Everyone, including the baby, had an epsom salt bath today.

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