September 5, 2009

Our 5 Year Old After Two Weeks on Full GAPS

A friend of mine asked me about the diet and how we manage it for our family.  The following is an edited version of some of what I shared with her.  I thought it could be helpful information for others, as well.

My 5 year old LOVES carbs in the form of cakes, cookies, crackers, bread, white rice, pasta and potatoes. We have only required that she eat a small portion of veggies at every meal and it has been a battle at every meal for several years now. She only likes certain foods and they have to be prepared a certain way and be the right temperature. We do not reheat food for her. If she waits too long to eat it and it gets cold, then she has to eat it cold. It’s a battle, but it is a requirement. I thought she would get used to the rules over time and quit fighting it, but she still fights it.

Actually, after two weeks on full GAPS she likes her veggies better now and she does not fight as much. Her chronic tummy ache has gone away and she has normal bowel movements for the first time in her life! She felt tired and achy all over for a few days during the first week and her skin itched all over really bad for several days. We tell her that there is a battle going on in her belly and the bad bugs don’t like that we have taken away all of their favorite food (the bad carbs, processed grains and refined sugars)and they are fighting back. We tell her that the good bugs will win the battle, but we have to give them the right kinds of food for energy. One day this week she told me, “Mommy, the good bugs are winning. I don’t have a tummy ache all day like I used to!” She is really starting to get into it.

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