September 25, 2009

Day 21 - Stage 2 of Intro - More New Discoveries

I spent an hour peeling the skin off of yellow squash that had already been cut and cooked because I figured out that we were all having issues because of the fiber.  We are not yet ready for fiber.

I am shopping around now looking for the best prices on everything because real food costs real money.

I am looking for ways to get things done more efficiently and see if I can arrange some help in filling our freezer.

Chicken liver is pretty tasty.  Tastes kind of like liverwurst.  Go figure!

Beef fat from grass fed beef at Whole Foods is free (for now) until they catch on that some people actually want the stuff.  I came home with at least 30 pounds of beef fat to render.  So exciting!  Really!

QUOTES FOR THE DAY:  "Mommy, watch your 'postraphy!"  (5 year old reminding me about my posture)  "I can't believe we are eating God's food!"  (5 year old)


FIJI water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth


squash and carrots


green beans

boiled egg whites


squash soup with carrots and green beans added

acorn squash blended with other stuff for the 2 year old

I plan to have fried egg whites later tonight

Tomorrow we will add avocado!!!

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