September 11, 2009

Day 6 - Stage 2 of Intro

I am tired and need to go to bed soon, so I will TRY to be brief.

Today started out much better than the last few.  We skipped the lemon water because we were in a hurry and it makes a few of the kids feel sick still.  I gave the older three children each a piece of chicken before they ever got out of bed.  That seemed to do the trick.

Our 2 Year old eats whatever I put in front of him now and I am really enjoyingall of the food.  I am totally satisfied.  I feel great! (tired and cranky from lack of sleep - teething baby - but physically I feel great)

Our 5 year old is still struggling to swallow foods with certain tastes or textures.  Every meal takes hours or it is a battle.  I am hopeful.  Believe it or not, she is doing better.  We have had battles with her over eating her veggies since she was three.  We have been giving her small portions of veggies at every meal for years, but now we are asking her to eat larger amounts because, without the rice and potatoes, she has to get her carbohydrates from other vegetables.

The older kids are still missing some of their favorite foods, but theyy are beginning to enjoy some of the GAPS foods that they didn't like at first.  The squash soup is growing on them.  In time they will be satisfied with all of the yummy food we will be learning how to prepare.  I just know it!

No one was sick today and everyone seemed to have more energy.  WooHoo!

We have moved everyone into stage two of the intro by adding egg yolk to their soups.  They are looking forward to adding new food every few days.  Me, too!

I am thankful that everything seems to be going well and we have made it through what I believe was the hardest part of this whole program.  We will be careful to increase the probiotics very slowly so we do not create too much die-off.


filtered water (no lemon)


yellow squash and carrots cooked in broth

chicken broth at every meal

leftover pork roast - lots

squash soup with egg yolk


hamburger and green beans cooked in brisket broth with sea salt - YUM

I had 2 soft boiled eggs.  My dad had several boiled eggs as we experimented to learn how to make the perfect soft boiled egg.  Here is what we did:  Bring the water to a boil.  Warm egg with water from the sink.  Dip the egg partially into the boiling water several times and remove it.  (I do not know if we need to do this, but we did not want the cold egg to crack when put into the boiling water.)  Place the egg in the boiling water for 5 minutes and 20 seconds.  Remove and dip in cold water to stop the cooking of the yolk by the hot egg whites.  (We learened that if you take two eggs out of the water and set one on the counter while you cool and peel the other that the 2nd egg yolk gets cook through because of the very hot white part.  Hmm.)  We were scientists today doing egg experiments.  FUN!

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