September 10, 2009

* Cool Story About Faith - Believing Something You Cannot See

My daughter was taking a detox bath and had been in the water so long that she was getting cold. I told her she could add some hot water. She turned on the hot water, but cold water came out. I told her to wait and it would warm up. She checked it several times and it was still cold, so she turned it off. It made me think about having faith and waiting on the Lord. I asked her if she believed me that the water would actually get hot if she just waited and she said that she didn’t believe me. I turned the water on and sure enough, after a little while, it got warmer and then it got very hot. I explained to her that I understood things that she does not understand. I know where the hot water comes from and I know from experience how long it takes to get through the pipes and to the bathtub. I understood these things, but she did not. Since she did not have faith that what I told her was true, she turned off the water after several tests 'proved' to her that the water was going to stay cold. If she had believed me, if she had faith in what I told her, and had waited, then she would have found out on her own that what I told her was indeed true. Hopefully, she is learning to trust me more.

Faith in God is like this. He knows more than we do. Right now we only understand in part. He understands how it all works and He has given us the truth in His Word. Sometimes we read what the Word says and we test the waters (ha ha, I wasn’t even trying to make a connection here.) and it appears that it can’t be true. We test the waters several times and still we don’t see any evidence that it is true so we determine that it can’t be true. We do not wait in faith, believing that the Word is true, and we walk away and try something new. However, when we choose to trust God and we choose to believe that what we read in the Word is true, then even when it doesn’t seem to be working out the way we think it should (the water still isn’t hot) we choose to wait. Then we discover that it IS true. Our faith is strengthened because what did not initially appear to be true turned out to be true. Now we begin to feel that we can trust him more and more. This is how our faith grows.

Faith is believing something that you cannot see or understand. God understands everything! He made it all. I choose to believe that what He says in His Word is true.

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