September 22, 2009

CT Scan

Our 2 year old had the CT scan done today. All in all, he did very well. He cried, but they were very good with him and he was not traumatized by it.

The technician came out and talked with him. They talked as we walked down the hall to the room. We met another nice lady, the one who works the computer and does the measurements or whatever it is that they do with the images. Then another lady came in with a toy to distract him and a blue and purple giraffe for him to keep. She had a color book, too, with pictures, and they talked about what they were going to do. They showed him everything they were going to do by using the giraffe as the patient.

When it was his turn, of course he did not want to do it. He cried when they laid him down and when they wrapped him up tight like a papoose. Daddy was right there with him the entire time. He cried when they put soft wedges on either side of his head and taped his head in place. They kept their voices sweet and cheerful and they encouraged him to say cheese for the camera. Mark said he did say cheese. They were very quick and unwrapped him as soon as they were done. Then we went out into the lobby and he ate an egg. You know how he loves to eat and you know how he loves his eggs!

During his bath tonight, I brought up the hospital and having pictures taken of his head and he said, “cheese.” Then he talked about it as if it were just another event in the day. He went to bed with his giraffe by his side and I am thankful that all is well.

They said the doctor would receive the report in a few days and then we would hear from him.

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