September 24, 2009

Day 20 - Stage 2 of Intro - New Discoveries

Wow!  Another good day!  Everyone is happy and feeling pretty good.  Our 2 year old seems to be more conversational.  Boy, he knows the routines and he really tries to keep us all in line.  I pull out the squash and he goes and gets the cutting board and orders me to get the knife.  He is right there, helping with literally everything in the kitchen. I have to say that I really love having him help in the kitchen.

The girls have been very helpful in the kitchen and my oldest, too!  My 11 year old had to carry the baby around a lot today, as we were on our own.  We had lots of extra laundry to do because everyone is peeing more and we are having lots of bedwetting issues.  We had lots of food to cook, too!

Grandpa does not come to help out until 2 PM on Thursdays, so we had to do it all on our own.  Their other grandpa usually comes about 10 AM, but he had a doctor's appointment today and couldn't make it.  We did amazingly well and the schedule for eating certain foods and doing certain activities at specific times really helped.  Everything was accomplished with a smile.  Everyone had enough to eat and we actually have food to store in the fridge for the weekend.  What a great feeling!

No baths today!  Too much to do and we ran out of time.  Dinner was late, but that's OK.  No one was complaining, as they were all welcome to have broths or soups at any time so they couldn't say they were starving.

No leg pain.  No bedtime tantrums.  No bad moods.  No regression.  It was a good day!

Oh, our oldest had a BM that fell apart in the potty.  Several of us are more gassy.  Could be the increase in probiotic, but I stopped peeling the squash and zucchini and I have a hunch it is the extra fiber.  I don't think we are quite ready for that yet.  If it continues, I will go back to peeling the squash for a while.  We shall see.

QUOTES FOR THE DAY:  "Mommy, I think I am going to be a missionary when I grow up."  (8 year old)  "I love helping you in the kitchen."  (5 year old)  "Mommy, are you almost done?  The baby is getting fussy."  (11 year old)  "knife!knife!knife!cut!cut!cut!put in!put in!put in trash!mommy cooking!" (2 year old telling me what to do in the kitchen) 


FIJI water with lemon

kraut juice (1/2 tsp for kids and 3 tsp for me)

chicken broth

pork roast

green beans

squash and carrots


squash soup thinned with lots of broth

hard boiled egg whites



squash, zucchini, and carrots cooked in the squash soup from earlier
blended for the 2 year old

fried egg whites for me cooked in beef fat

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