September 5, 2009

* A Prayer for a Successful Journey Through GAPS

Heavenly Father, our Provider, our Lord, we thank you for your great love for us and for your provision.  We came to you and asked you for help and for healing because only You know what it is that we truly need to be whole.  We have been asking for healing for four years now and you have provided us with answers and information all along the way.  We have seen lots of improvements from all of the changes we have made and we are grateful to You and give You ALL the glory because we would not have found any of the answers to any of our questions without you.  We have prayed for help and You have always answered.

I wondered all along the way why you didn't heal us quickly, for You have the power to do it.  I KNOW that You could heal us with a word.  Say it is so and it would be done, but you had a plan much greater than just helping us to feel better and be comfortable in this world.  You had a plan to help us grow in faith.  You have drawn us out of the rat race and have drawn us ever closer to You.

I  have learned that if you had healed me in an instant that I would have been grateful for a while, but that I would have quickly forgotten what I had been saved from and would have quickly gone back to living a self indulgent life of ease and comfort with little or no thought about the needs of others.  Through this you have taught us that there are others suffering and you are giving us real answers that can bless all people regardless of their faith.

I have only recently understood that you allow us to suffer the consequences of sin in the world, whether that sin is our own or someone else's sin, but that you do not abandon us.  You do not leave us.  You were not surprised by all that has happened in our family over the years and you have always provided.

When things looked so bad a year ago, I prayed very specifically for answers and you showed me about the GAPS diet.  It took a year for me to take the time to look into it because I found out that I was pregnant and I told myself and others that I didn't want to change anything or experiment with diet while I was pregnant.  I knew then that it was an answer to prayer, but for some reason I waited.  You were patient.  You were patient with me.

I thank you that I had the knowledge in my mind by the time our little one became so sick.  I thank you for making it clear to everyone what was happening so that they would be supportive of what we were doing.  I thank you for showing us through this experience how very healing these good foods really are.  Now that our little one has made such a remarkable recovery, I am even more confident that this is the answer to our prayers for the healing of our food intolerences.

If you had healed us in an instant, we could have become proud of our great faith, which would have been a sin and of no benefit to others.  Now we can share our experience and our knowledge with others and be a blessing to many.  Please let us be a blessing to many.

You are the one who designed our bodies.  Our bodies regulate and balance all kinds of chemicals and hormones and fluids and organisms without us having to know anything about it.  You provided the food that we need to nourish these amazing bodies that we live in.  If we give our bodies the right kind of fuel, they work the way they were designed to work.  You designed our bodies to handle an amazing amount of toxins and foreign invaders.  It is a wonder that we function as well as we do considering the kinds of junk we have been exposing our bodies to as of late.  It all makes me more and more certain that You are the Creator God.  It is all way too complex to have happened by chance.

You are amazing!  Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  You are a Mighty God and Mighty to Save!  You are our Glorious King.  You are the Great Physician!  You are faithful to all generations.

I believe your Word.  I believe it is true even when there are things that I don't understand.  You have shown me again and again as I have stepped out in faith and trusted your Word to be true.  It is just like my children who need to believe me and trust me when I tell them something that they don't understand.  Just because they don't yet have the concept, doesn't make it any less true.

So now I pray for your blessing on us as we begin this journey, this adventure, through the GAPS diet.  Help us to see clearly the difference between reactions and die-off.  Help us to know when to push through and when to back off.  Continue to provide us with the knowledge that we need to make this work for our benefit.  Help us to be patient with one another as we will all have our bad days and our good days.  Help us to show love and have mercy for any one who is having a particularly rough day or days.  Open our eyes to all of the blessings along the way and help us to be a blessing to each other and to others.

You are a good God and you are good all of the time.  We trust that you are working out many good things through all of this.  Thank you for healing our little one so quickly.


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