September 6, 2009

Day 2 - Stage 1 of intro diet

Wow!  OK, what a day!  So the baby did not sleep so well last night.  I am definitely experiencing some reaction to the change in diet because the tag in my pajama shorts (which never bothers me) felt like a needle scratching my back side.  I had to change my shorts several minutes after I put them on because I just couldn't stand it!

We woke up this morning after a rough night.  My hubby carried the baby around from 5-8 this morning so I could get a little sleep because I had been up most of the night, off and on, with him.  Our 2 year old and our 5 year old woke up at 730ish.  Our 8 year old and 11 year old did not want to get out of bed.  Neither one of them felt well.

We started the day with lemon water and ate leftovers from dinner last night for our breakfast.  Our 8 year old felt better after eating and our 11 year old felt worse.  (Note:  They were not on full GAPS for the past two weeks like the rest of us.  They were finishing off the Ezekiel bread and the rice pasta and the other stuff we had left around in preparation of our planned start date of September 5th.)  Our 2 year old and 5 year old had already gone through the worst days of die off two weeks ago when we put them on the GAPS diet.  They had several days where they were lethargic and ached all over and they are doing just fine now.  I also had several days of feeling tired and achy.  We are all handling the intro diet just fine so far.

I should explain that we were expecting this reaction since I had read many posts on the GAPShelp forum where the people going through the intro diet had several days of flu like symptoms during the first week of the intro diet.  I praise God that it was worked out so that we are not all going through this at the same time.  That is one of the things I stressed about when I was trying to figure out how to implement this for our family all at the same time.

Well when our 2 year old became so ill and our 5 year old continued to have over the top tantrums, we started them right away and I started right along with them.  We stuck to the plan for the older two and this is what has saved us from all feeling YUCK at the same time.

Our oldest has the most severe problems and he is by far the sickest.  Today he ate because he knew that he should, but in the afternoon he got to feeling really bad.  We gave him a detox bath and he got to feeling worse.  His stomach started to cramp and he ended up having a lot of diahrea and throwing up a lot.  For a while, he could not keep anything down.  By this evening, Praise God, he was able to drink water without throwing up and by bedtime he was able to eat.  He ate lots of chicken, green beans and some carrots.  He looked fine by the time he went off to bed.  I am glad we knew to expect this or it would have been rather frightening. 

None of the rest of us got quite that sick, but none of us feel as bad as he does on a day to day basis either.  He is the reason we got started on this whole food journey to begin with.  It was three to four years ago that we began to pray for answers because of all of his tummy aches and aches and pains and, well, all of his issues.  It was after we started the Feingold diet and we all felt so much better that we realized that we all had issues that could be helped by changing only our diet.  I won't go into details here and now, as this post is already long enough (maybe in a seperate post down the road someday).

All of the children are finally off to bed.  I need to finish this post, do some things in the kitchen to get ready for tomorrow, and get myself to bed.

Oh, I read this article on the Huffington Post website about "Why Current Thinking About Autism is Completely Wrong" and I have tried to attatch the link to this post, but I am not sure if I accomplished it or not, so we will see what happens after I click on 'Publish Post'.  If it is there, it is a must read!  If not...I will some day learn how to add links.


filtered water with lemon

leftover brisket and cold carrots and squash

2 year old ate meat and the veggies blended with broth and fat

everyone had some beef broth to drink with breakfast

hamburger soup made from beef broth, 5 pounds of grass fed ground beef, 3 packages of frozen peas and carrots and some celtic sea salt

boiled chicken

boiled green beans

boiled cauliflower

boiled carrots

boiled brussel sprouts (funny thing that our 5 year old who gags on so many foods really loves boiled brussel sprouts)

carrots and zucchini boiled in beef broth to eat cold as a snack over the next few days

You can see that I am not a chef yet, but right now I am happy just to keep up and have enough food on the table for everyone to eat.  This is a challange right now.  I am still trying to figure out just how much I need to be making.

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