September 14, 2009

* Recovered, But NOT Healed YET

I praise my God for the GAPS diet and for Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride who figured all of this out (even if it isn’t perfect). I am thankful for Donna Gates and also for doctors who are using diet and other natural methods to help the body heal. I am thankful for all of the science and scientists who discovered all of the background information that led Dr. NCM and Donna Gates to discover a way to recover autistic children from autism. I am soooo thankful for all of the people who risk their credibility to get information out that goes against the common and accepted beliefs about health and healthcare. I am just so very thankful that I knew about GAPS when my 2 year old got so very sick.

I knew that the diet was an answer to our family’s prayer for healing. I believed it. Then CKS got sick. Then we put him on the diet and he started to recover. He is 90% recovered while continuing on the diet. There are some who wonder if the diet really had anything to do with it. Maybe it is coincidence. Maybe he was going to get better anyway.

Well, He stopped waking in the night as soon as we put him on full GAPS. We started to see improvements within a few days of starting. He progressed quickly.

Over the weekend, we were not as diligent about getting the fats into him as we had been. Maybe it is because he was doing so well and we were not as driven. Maybe it was because we were trying to provide a little normalcy for our other children and we got too busy. Today, CKS is unhappy and very rigid in everything. We are having a difficult time understanding him. He is repeating words and phrases over and over in a distressed way like he wants to communicate something other than what we are understanding. He is uncooperative and will not say “please” when he wants something. He is not his happy-go-lucky self today. Also, he had a BM that was more reminiscent of his pre-GAPS days. Mushy and wet and leaks out of the diaper. Yuck!

So, what do you think? Does diet have anything to do with it? Was he just going to get better anyway? Is this just another coincidence that he is having a bad day after we slacked off on the fats?

We know that we will have to keep him on the diet for two years or so to really recover him completely. We haven’t done a lot of probiotics yet. So far he has only had sauerkraut juice and we are increasing it. In a few weeks we will introduce dairy and see how that goes. I am looking forward to everyone being able to have butter, yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese. I want to rush into full GAPS, but with all of our food allergies to begin with, I think it is best to take it low and slow.

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